• John's Auto Service

    Maintaining Vehicles, Easing Minds
  • John's Auto Service

    Maintaining Vehicles, Easing Minds
  • John's Auto Service

    Maintaining Vehicles, Easing Minds


Servicing vehicles to keep you on the move

Test, Inspect, Estimate, Repair

Is your vehicle experiencing a system fault? We test and inspect the cause of these faults! Let us provide you with a solution to your concerns!

Maintenance Services

Whether it is basic or advanced maintenance, look no further! We provide maintenance services to ensure your vehicle is properly serviced and maintaining you manufacturers warranty!

Wheel Services

Whether it is a seasonal tire change over, storage or a new set of rims, tires or TPMS, we have you covered!

All Makes and Models

We service all makes and models, from compact cars to light trucks.

You can reach us by phone, text, or email.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Electric / Hybrid

Hybrid Services

Hybrid vehicles require additional services which may not have been recommended

Did you know dust particles build up in the duct work for your battery cooling systems?

Ask us how we can service and maintain your hybrid vehicle

Full Electric

Full electric vehicles share many components with their gasoline competetors. We maintain your electric vehicle to ensure you are receiving optimal performance and longevity


Stay up to date!

We continue to keep our clients engaged whether by text, phone or social media. Come check us out!

Recents Posts


DKS Design Inc

We have been taking our fleet of trucks over to John's Auto Service for as long as we've been in business. They understand that we rely on our trucks to maintain our client's schedules. They get the work done on time and on budget. Greg and his staff are very knowledgeable and always find a solution to any issues our trucks have had

We recommend John's Auto Service for your Fleets service, and any other auto service you require.

Cypress & Associates

John's Auto Service is an invaluable supplier for our company. As our previous trucks were aging, they provided key repairs to keep them on the road. When it was time to invest in newer vehicles, they were forthright in letting us know that our money was best spent in an upgrade.

When purchasing a used vehicle, they were instrumental making our decision. John's Auto Service provided detailed reports after the two vehicles that were recommended as being good value and they have been proved to be a wise investment.

We use John's Auto Service for all our vehicles maintenance; chaning winter tires, oil, and regular checks. We are very pleased with their services and I highly recommend this company for work that is honest, straightforward, and done on time.

New Horizions Communications

Greg and his staff have been servicing our vehicles since 2015 and have provided detailed information maintenance and safety recommendations.

We are pleased with the services they provide and would recommend them to anyone looking to have their vehicles maintained or repaird.