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Preventative Maintenance in Inverary, ON

Preventative Maintenance

The Power of Preventative Maintenance

Investing in a preventative maintenance schedule pays dividends for Inverary drivers, helping them:

  • Get more tread life out of their tires—Prevent tire drag, tire pressure mismanagement, and uneven weight distribution/braking wear to delay the need for a replacement set.
  • Increase the resale value of their vehicles—The Canadian Automobile Association says the value of the average vehicle drops by 60-70% after the first five years, but investing in upkeep slows the rate of depreciation.
  • Maximize performance and prolong the service life of every component—Spot minor issues before they spiral into major problems and maintain synergy between your vehicle systems for greater performance.
  • Enhance fuel efficiency—Maintain perfect tire pressure, replace dirty air filters, and keep your tires properly aligned for a 10-20% improvement in fuel economy.

If you want to bring these maintenance program benefits to your daily driver or business fleet in Inverary, ON, without risking your warranty coverage or paying dealership premiums, John’s Auto Service is here to help!

Get a Quote on Car Preventative Maintenance in Inverary

Since 1988, John’s Auto has been Inverary’s one-stop shop for auto preventative maintenance solutions, offering all of the essential upkeep services you need under one roof, along with an impressive catalog of genuine manufacturer parts and OEM tires.

Our preventative maintenance expertise extends to all vehicle makes and models, and whatever service you require, we guarantee:

  • Exceptional service, backed by our national 24-month / 40,000km warranty
  • Quality parts, whether you need OEM tires, genuine manufacturer component replacements, or compatible aftermarket upgrades
  • Convenient service, with multiple service bays staffed and equipped to minimize wait times, easy online booking, a comfortable waiting area, and a convenient shop location
  • Professionalism, with clear communications, friendly support, honesty, integrity, and the utmost respect for our customer’s time and property with every service
  • Competitive pricing, with affordable service fees and more ways to save through our exclusive shop promotions

To consult with a preventative maintenance expert and get a quote on any vehicle maintenance or part replacement service in Inverary, you can:

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