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Car Air Conditioning Repair in Kingston, ON

At John’s Auto Service, we know how horrible it feels to get stuck in a hot, stuffy car with no way to cool down. When the air conditioner stops working, your vehicle can start to feel like a convection oven, and no amount of smooth-riding, ultra-quiet tires or premium suspension parts can make your ride more comfortable.

Luckily, the mechanics at John’s Auto Service are here to help! With over 30 years of experience, we are Kingston’s leading car air conditioning repair experts. Whether it be a coolant leak, electrical issue, or a problem with the computer system, we can keep you cool!

When should I book a car air conditioning repair service?

Don’t wait for a total system failure before you book your car air conditioning repair. Not only will this likely cost you more, as minor problems get neglected and turn into major component failures, but you’ll also have to drive with discomfort for longer.

Instead, we recommend booking a car air conditioning repair service the moment you detect any of the following signs of trouble:

  1. Inconsistent cooling
  2. Weak air flow
  3. Strange noises (e.g. rattling sounds) when you turn on the A/C
  4. Foul odours emanating from your A/C vents
  5. Water stains or leaks inside your vehicle

What to expect during a car air conditioning repair service

When you visit John’s Auto Service, you can count on three things: quality service, responsive customer care, and consistency.

In addition to whatever specific repair, cleaning or part replacement you need, every car air conditioning repair includes:

  • Outlet temperature checks, both before and after your service
  • System pressure checks
  • Visual inspection of the system
  • Condenser fan and blower motor inspection
  • Cabin air filter checks
  • System capacity checks
  • Dye fills (if required)

Auto air conditioning repair near me: Why choose John’s Auto Service?

  • Guaranteed satisfaction. We back all car air conditioning repairs with a 24-month / 40,000km warranty.
  • Proven car air conditioning repair. The quality of our car air conditioning service is borne out by a 4.8/5 star Google rating, dozens of glowing customer reviews, and nearly 40 years of success stories.
  • Attentive customer care. We act with professionalism, honesty, and integrity at all times, and we always respect our customer’s time, property, and budget.
  • Full transparency and clear customer communication. It is important to us that the customer knows exactly what will be going on with the car before we do any work.
  • COVID-safe service. To help slow the spread in our community, we are fully compliant with COVID-19 safety protocols, and we go above and beyond sanitizing all touchpoints, keys, car handles, and courtesy vehicles.

Auto air conditioning repair near me in Kingston, ON

To book your car air conditioning repair service you can:

  • Call (613)-542-8057 to speak directly with a car air conditioning repair expert
  • Use our online contact form to request a call-back at your convenience
  • Drop by our car air conditioning repair shop at 45 Harvey Street, Kingston, ON
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